Having great software is one thing. But you also need the right platforms, the right infrastructure, the right digital environment from which to run your software successfully.

Today, run environments and infrastructure are increasingly dominated by cloud technology. Cloud computing has many benefits, including cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability. But shifting your IT systems and services to the cloud creates its own pressures.

Our [Run] team offers the expertise you need to adapt quickly to cloud-based operating models in what are highly competitive and increasingly regulated markets. But cloud solutions are only part of what we do.

From traditional infrastructure to security to DevOps, our [Run] associates will work closely with you to create the right platforms for your digital capabilities to take off from. We also offer an exclusive blended nearshore service, which involves our [Run] leaders managing remote, outsourced teams of technicians to optimise costs.

We can help you:

Identify the best infrastructure solutions for your business, whether that’s cloud, traditional on-premise or a hybrid blend of both.
Design and build bespoke platforms in any environment, with a focus on system stability, performance, security, governance and laying the foundations for future business growth.
Plan and support your migration to the cloud, including strategic advice on best practice and technical / operational service management.
Assess your current cloud usage and help you optimise your set up to drive efficiency, improve your customer experience and get more value.
Understand your risk and compliance requirements and then build comprehensive security and data protection protocols to minimise any threats.
Create platforms set up for rapid ongoing delivery of stable, high quality software products using automation and DevOps approaches.
Stabilise your platforms to minimise the risk of unplanned outages and sub-optimal performance.
Deliver enterprise-scale IT projects covering ITIL, automation, upgrades, migrations, virtualised environments, Active Directory & operational support.

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