The Challenge

Sky Betting & Gaming needed support in designing and developing a refresh of their sports trading engine which underpins their football product. The objectives were simple; to improve margins and ensure an improved customer experience.

This was to be achieved through developing new in-house pricing models, enhanced risk management, trading automation and integrating additional data feeds from sporting suppliers.




Our teams of experts augmented the existing squads, providing direction and hands-on development to build out a high-performing, low-latent solution leveraging native serverless AWS technology. Sky Betting & Gaming used a combination of pop-up squads and team augmentation to design and build out the new software services and components.

Our expert associates worked with the in-house squads sharing their skills and deep experience in AWS technology, React and Kotlin.

Our teams adhered to best practice and scrum methodology to ensure measured and predictable throughput, reduced cycle times and a shift left test approach and automation ensuring regular releases of high-quality software components and services.



The squads delivered several successful releases, each building on the last and releasing incremental benefit and margin improvements at each phase.

Feedback from traders was fantastic as the ease of use and automation ensured that the traders could trade more games in parallel in the comfort that any risk liabilities would be alerted.

The improved models and innovative pricing of pre-match and in-play events plus ease of trading coupled with improved risk visibility has positively improved the profitability of the business and created a more immersive product offering for Sky Betting & Gaming’s customers.

Fruition Consulting have enabled us to rebuild the Sky Bet Football homepage allowing us to present more featured and popular betting opportunities to our customers. They have also contributed technical leadership and front-end expertise to the Sky Bet in-play football pages, bringing to life the visualisation of team line-ups and advanced player statistics to improve our customer's betting experience.